The Howler Story

The world's toughest boots.

The Howler Story

When the going gets tough, get into Howler. With a range of styles to suit the demands of any worksite, Howler build the world's toughest work boots. Extremely durable and always comfortable, they get the job done. For tough jobs, Howler is with you every step of the way.

No job is too tough

No matter the conditions, Howler boots are built to last. Designed and tested in Australia, Howler boots offer a wide range of wide-fit boots. With designs perfect for all types of mining and building & construction sites, plus oil & gas platforms too (including an executive safety shoe), there's a choice of some great looking styles.

Tough jobs need tough boots

The Sahara. The Kalahari. The Everest. The world's toughest environments give their names to Howler work boots. And just like the most extreme worksites on this planet, these unforgiving locations test man and machine to the very limit.  That's why you need the right tools for the job. When the job is tough, Howler boots are tough enough. Are you?